The life of Bess.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Last one for the night..

We changed Bessie's room around for her third birthday in March. Grandma took her out for the day, and when she came home she was so surprised! It is great, and the room feels so much bigger!

Later that day, Bess decided that she had to take every single thing out of her new shelf with bins. She definitely learned where all her toys go!

We babysat Cousin Eli at his house one day in early March. This is him and Bess on the way to the playground. So cute!

Bess "helps" me wash the dishes in late February.
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Birthday Madness!

Uncle Evan came to town a couple days after her third birthday, so we had him and Grandpa over for dinner. Bess and I made a birthday crown for her to wear.

Cousin Eli's birthday is the day after Bessie's! This is in Eli's room during his party; I think Bess is trying to lead a "circle time" for Eli. "Here we are together...."

Bess got to have her birthday party at Grandma's house this year. One of her big presents was a wagon from Nanny and Gramps. She wanted everyone to ride in it with her. Little cousins Willow and Eli were willing!

This is the first year that Bess has been really aware of her birthday. I think she liked it!
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More pics!

Easter day at our house... Bess was very excited about hunting for eggs and presents. She staged little hunts in her bedroom for weeks after this!

Concentrating hard on dying Easter eggs. She loved eating them later, and asked for eggs all day long.

Mid-March... Bess drew a bird and a cloud with rain with bathtub crayons.

On Pajama Day at Bess' school. There was an Art Fair after school that day, and we got to have ice-cream in one of the classrooms... before dinner! (No, she did not eat all of that ice cream.)
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Catching up!

I have been trying to decide how to go about catching up on our posts; so much has happened in the last five months! For now I am just going to post some highlights. Enjoy!

This was taken last weekend on Mother's Day... Daddy, Bess, Uncle Kevin and Cousin Eli enjoying brunch at Nanny and Gramps Purkey's house. (The moms were there, we were just busy relaxing!)

Bess refused to pose for a Mother's Day picture with me. The only shot we could get all day was while she was asleep!

A hot day in mid-April... Daddy took Bess to the park by our house. She loves swinging high!

This was at the First Sunday Potluck we go to every month at my cousin Tina's house... Me reading to Bess and little cousin Delia.
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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Holidays 2007

Christmas was a good one this year. Bess was finally old enough to really enjoy all the festivities and of course presents. Since there is lots of family in town, the gift giving was spread out over several days and come December 26th Bess couldn't quite figure out why there were no more presents to open.
We spent Christmas Eve at Nanny and Gramps Purkeys house for fondue (yum). Bess got a new dolly (quickly named "baby Emma") from Nanny and Gramps which she absolutely loves. Bess and Cousin Eli also got a great wooden train table for the play room at Nanny and Gramps.
Christmas morning was at home and was nice and mellow. Grandma Ella came over for brunch and then we went to cousin John and Jennas house for dinner. Bess had LOTS of fun playing with her cousin Jayden (John and Jennas daughter) and tells us we must get together with them soon again.
New Years Eve was spent at cousin Elis house. Uncle Kevin and Auntie Laura were there too as well and we all went out for a big dinner of chinese food and a slumber party. Happy New Year everyone!

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bessy "Bee" gives us one of her famous pre-manufactured smiles for Halloween.
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bess goes on her first camping trip

We went on our first camping trip with bess the weekend after Labor Day. We camped for one night at South Whidbey State Park. Bess had a great time and we hope to make this kind of outing a regular thing next season.

We Took a little walk around the campgrounds and surrounding trails. Daddy experienced the joy of nettles for the first time in a bout 15 years. Bess is obviously quite please with the perfromance of her steed in this picture.

Bess helped to gather and arrange the kindling for the evening fire.

Bess ponders the mystery and beauty of nature.

The next day we took some time to play at the beach near Freeland. Here, Mama and Bess examine some shells and rocks.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mama and Bessie go to NH, part 4

Saturday afternoon... Yes, Bess has bad moods, too.
Saturday night. It had been a long day at the end of a long week.
We went to Polly's Pancake Parlor on Sunday morning. Bess decided to go full force on her waffle!
That afternoon, after we found out our flight home had been cancelled, we decided to go to Ashland Town Beach on Little Squam. Bess was so happy to get another chance to swim!
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Monday, August 27, 2007

Mama and Bessie go to NH, part 3

Friday was the hottest day of our trip, so we went to swim and play under a covered bridge. Aha, shade! Bess loved it when I pulled her down the river, as if she were floating. And, of course, had lots of fun playing with the sand.
We had some time before we needed to pick up Grandma from rehearsal, so we stopped on Main Street for some ice cream. Bess finished an entire small, strawberry ice cream cone by herself. And loved every sticky minute of it!
That night, we went to the Italian Farmhouse for dinner. I love this picture of Bess - I can just imagine her coming up with some intelligent comment about current affairs.
Saturday morning breakfast at Grandma's apartment. Bess had a LOT of blueberries while we were there.
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mama and Bessie go to NH, part 2

On Tuesday evening we went to a friend's house for dinner. Bess had a ton of fun playing with a little boy from Bratislava named Martenko. It's amazing what two kids can do without language!

Grandma had some rehearsals the next day, so Bess and I went into Holderness to see the Squam Lakes Science Center. It was great, and Bess really liked seeing examples of native animals like black bears and white-tailed deer. Bess is saying "hi" to Daddy in this picture. :) She was very brave, and climbed down a ladder into a "tunnel" system that ended with a very tall ladder going up to a slide. She even did the whole thing twice!

On Thursday we got to go swimming at the Albert's house with a couple other NHMF families. We made up a Humpty-Dumpty game that Bess played over and over. She would sit on the edge of the pool or the step, and wait for me to say "Humpty-Dumpty had a great FALL" and then just keel over into the water where I would catch her just in time. LOTS of laughing!
Grandma and Bess took a little break from swimming to walk around and enjoy the nice view.
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